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Last Updated: 20 January,2022

Intro: What is Home Security System?

Our homes are quite valuable to us. While we may not be able to build reinforced walls and install cannons around it as the Kings did to secure their castle, we can certainly safeguard it with Home Security Systems. 

House security systems are based on the simple notion of safeguarding access points into a home using sensors that communicate with a control panel or command center located in a convenient place within the home. Motion Detectors, Alarm Systems, Lighting, Security Cameras, and Smoke Detectors are just a few examples. 

Home security systems not only help you protect your home, but they also help you save money on your homeowners insurance premiums. Security systems are similar to receiving home insurance discount coupons in Miami, FL and other parts of the United States. 

Types of Home Security System in Miami, FL  

Here are a few different types of Miami home security systems that can help you save money on your homeowners insurance costs. If you want to protect your home and pay less for home insurance while still having an amazing coverage, there are a few things you can do. 

Smoke Alarm 

A smoke alarm is a frequent type of alarm. It may be used in both business and residential settings. The smoke alarm is made up of smoke detectors placed around the house. These detectors sound an alert when they come into contact with heat or smoke. To increase your safety, you may choose one with an interior sprinkler system. 

CCTV Cameras 

A CCTV camera is an effective way to capture an intruder’s face. It will aid local authorities in identifying the perpetrator in the future. You may also keep a watch on anyone who has been staring at your house. It may be a thief on the loose. The unique feature of CCTV cameras is that they can be accessible remotely, allowing you to keep an eye on your home even when you are not present. 

Intruder Alarm

If you’re afraid about a break-in at your home, you’ll need an intruder alarm. Motion detectors, door and window sensors are all included in these alarms. The alarm is activated by a central keypad that may be password secured. When the detectors are turned on, they detect any movement or forced entry and sound an alert. Local authorities are also notified at the same time. 

home insurance discounts for security systems in miami

Local vs Central Alarm Systems: What’s the Difference? 

Local Alarm Systems

In the event of an emergency, these systems emit an alarm to notify the owners of the house or company. These systems, on the other hand, do not make touch with authorities. 

Local alarm systems are installed in the majority of households and even some businesses. These systems sound a very loud alarm and/or send messages to your smart device to inform homeowners/business owners of suspected burglary, fires, and CO detection. 

Central Alarm Systems 

In the event of a real emergency, these systems notify both the home/business owner and the appropriate authorities. 

Central alarm systems are monitored by a central monitoring station 24 hours a day, seven days a week for a monthly cost. That means that as soon as the alarm sounds, a signal is sent to the monitoring station, where live operators are constantly available to assist. 

5 Ways A Security System Can Cut Home Insurance Costs in Miami 

With the increased number of house burglary in Miami, residents should assess if a security system is worth the investment, not just to safeguard their things but also to save money on insurance. 

Here are five methods to save money on your insurance by installing a security system: 

1. Boost Home Safety 

If homeowners have a security system, insurers may offer a reduction on insurance rates, which can assist boost home security. The drop in occurrences that potentially result in property damage could indicate to insurance providers that homeowners are a lower risk, allowing them to qualify for discounts. 

2. Saving up to 20 percent on insurance premiums 

According to the Insurance Information Institute, homeowners may save up to 20% on their insurance rates by installing a comprehensive home security system. They may save money not just on their insurance but also on the purchase of these security systems if they inquire about discounts. 

3. Lower risks of cost hikes 

Homeowners should study their insurance plans thoroughly to prevent increased insurance rates. According to The Simple Dollar, home insurance providers may elect to provide coverage in the event of a burglary. 

4. Reduce theft claim quota 

By lowering the overall theft claim quota, security systems can also assist neighbors save money. The Simple Dollar advised residents to check if their neighborhood’s theft claim quota, or the number of thefts in a certain region, has been achieved. 

5. Install System with other safety features 

In addition, homeowners can reduce their insurance prices by looking for additional safety features. According to III, they include smoke alarms and deadbolts. A security system combined with other methods of protecting their house might relieve them of the burden of worrying about their safety and saving money. 

Is the amount of insurance discounts worth the expense of installing a home security system? 

Yes. The expense of the insurance system is usually well worth it. It may take a year or two for the insurance discount to repay the cost of installing the system, but you will eventually recoup the money you spent on the system as a consequence of your insurance discount. 


If your house includes safety features such as deadbolts, smart locks, burglar alarms, or a fully monitored security system, you might save up to 15% on your homeowners insurance rates. If you have more than one sort of protective device or if your security system includes features like 24/7 expert monitoring, you’re more likely to earn a higher-end discount. 

As a result, home security systems are worthwhile investments since they protect your house while also lowering your insurance costs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much of a Discount Do You Get for Having a Security System?

You can get up to 20% – 25% of a discount on your home insurance policies for having a security system. 

Is Home Insurance Cheaper if You Have Security Cameras?

With having security cameras installed in your home, you can get up to 5% discount on an average home insurance policy.  

Is Ring Considered an Alarm System?

Although the Ring does quite impressive job for an alarm system, it is not counted as a security system.

Is SimpliSafe Accepted by Insurance Companies?

SimpliSafe is accepted by Insurance companies and the best part is, you get up to 25% discount on home insurance policies using the SimpliSafe security system. 

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Home Insurance Discounts for Security Systems in Miami, FL

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