Find Affordable mobile home flood insurance cost in 2022

Last Updated: 20 January, 2022

Wondering how much mobile home flood insurance cost? How much does mobile home flood insurance cost? As of 2018, the average cost of an NFIP flood insurance policy hovered around $700. Finding the best home insurance companies in Georgia is not very difficult. Several home insurance providers provide you with all the necessary coverage to protect your house at the most affordable rate. But before jumping directly towards getting the policy, you must first know everything about homeowner’s insurance.   

What is home insurance?   

Home insurance is a personal insurance policy designed specifically for homeowners. It protects your most valuable asset, your home. Furthermore, it also covers you, your personal property, and possessions in the event of a disaster or accident. Moreover, it also covers the legal and medical bills if someone is injured on your property. According to Investopedia, almost all mortgage companies require borrowers to have this policy.  

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What does mobile home flood insurance cost cover?  

Best home insurance companies in Georgia provide coverage that protects against perils described in your policy. Moreover, it covers events like fire, wind, hail, theft, vandalism, and water damage from burst pipes.   

Here are the major types of coverage included in home insurance:   

Dwelling coverage:  

This coverage provides financial compensation if there is damage to the structure of your home. Furthermore, it covers the cost of repairing or rebuilding your home and the structures like roofing. Moreover, you can extend this policy to cover other aspects such as garages, porch, chimneys, cabinets, and sheds.  According to US News, this policy covers the damages for your home along with your backyard fence, and any other outbuildings on your property.  

Personal property coverage:   

This coverage protects the contents of your home from any damage caused by a covered peril. It usually covers furniture, clothing, kitchenware, electronics, and jewelry. However, this coverage has certain limits. If you have high-value items such as jewelry, you may have to review your home insurance policy. It is because you must see the limits and determine the need for additional insurance for these items.    

Likewise, you’ll get to know how independent insurance works. You can hire insurance agents to assist you with insurance marketing, or you can even do marketing for insurance by yourself. 

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Some Additional Coverages For Mobile home flood insurance cost

Personal liability coverage:   

This coverage deals with your legal liability for property damage or bodily injury to others. For instance, if a guest comes to your house and slips on the wet floor. They might face injuries and sue you for medical expenses. Thus, in this situation your homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost of your legal exposure up to policy limits in such cases.    

Furthermore, this policy also provides coverage for unintentional damage or destruction of other people’s property. This might include breaking your neighbor’s fence while playing with your pet.    

Loss of use coverage:   

This coverage provides compensation for the expenses you incurred while living away from your home due to a repair work. Moreover, it covers the cost of temporary lodging and meals. However, there are limits to this coverage too. You will only receive compensation for a covered peril and the expenses beyond your normal expenses.  

Takeaway on best home insurance companies in Georgia

These are some of the basic aspects of home insurance that you must be aware of. After understanding all these elements, you can then ask for quotes from the best home insurance companies in Georgia and decide on the most suitable one.  Also, look for a “insurance agent near me” to help you in the process. 


best home insurance companies atlanta
best home insurance companies atlanta
Frequently Asked Questions
Is flooding covered by mobile home insurance?

Flood damage is never covered by mobile home insurance; you’ll need to get a separate flood insurance policy. If your mobile home is in a high-risk flood zone and you have a federally backed mortgage, you must get flood insurance.

How much does it cost to insure a mobile home?

According to American Modern Insurance Group, the average cost of mobile home insurance is between $500 and $1,100 per year. Another prefabricated home insurer, Foremost, estimates that the average annual cost is around $1,000. Your specific rates are influenced by a number of factors, including where you reside.

In Florida, is it possible to receive flood insurance for a mobile home?

Insurance against flooding: Flood damage is not covered by a normal mobile home insurance policy, therefore residents should consider getting flood insurance. However, a particular deductible for hurricane damage may be included in mobile home insurance coverage. Florida law establishes this deduction.

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